Pull, Not Push

The world moves with inertia and momentum. You don’t buy things because someone wants you to buy those things — you buy things because you want those things. You demand them. You pull for them. Conversely, you don’t sell anything sustainably because you push it down someone’s throat — you sell it because people want what you’re selling. They’re pulling for it. So the move isn’t to beg people to buy your product — it’s to make sure people want your product. This world moves with demand. The world moves with pull.

Buying and selling products is just a metaphor that’s analogous to everything in life. You don’t get the girl or the guy to like you because you beg them to like you — you get them because you make them want you. You don’t get the hottest swag because anyone’s forcing you to — you get it because it’s the hottest thing out. Everyone wants it, so you want it too. You don’t get the job because you beg someone to hire you — you get it because the company wants you. You don’t get the record deal because you beg the label to sign you — you get the record deal because the label wants you.

The hustler’s mentality tells us to push, push, push and we’ll get what we want. It’s about working hard, it’s about hustle. But the best hustlers know that you need to get your clientele aware of your product and addicted to it. They need to be pulling for it. So by all means work hard and hustle. But build things that people are actually pulling for and push it to the specific people that want those things.

What problems are you well-positioned to solve? What are you building to solve those problems? How are you making sure you’re pushing your product to the people that are pulling for it?